Russian Man Injures Leg Whilst Climbing Up Mountain And Is Forced To Operate On Himself In Order To Survive

Balls of steel.

I’m not really sure of  the background to this video as it’s entirely in Russian, but it seems like the main dude in it enjoys climbing up mountains in his spare time. In the video, he falls over or something and even though it doesn’t really look like that bad an injury – nothing seems to be broken and it just seems like there’s a bit of swelling – he still sees fit to cut open his leg with a scalpel and dig around in there with his finger to try and clean it out.

There’s A LOT of blood and it’s really horrible manky dark blood too, so if you’re squeamish then I would suggest not watching this video. If you’re not squeamish though enjoy it, and maybe check out these photographs of what it looks like when a man gets sucked into an airplane engine for dessert. The video starts to get good – if you can call it that – around the 2:45 mark.

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