The ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Says These Photos Prove Her Body Is “All Natural”



The 21-year-old Russian model Anastasia Kvitko has become famous for several reasons, the most significant being her title as Russia’s answer to Kim Kardashian. And when you see her Instagram account, you can understand why.

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By posting hundreds of pictures of herself and her famous curves, Anastasia has managed to rack up over 4.7 million Instagram followers and this number just keeps on growing.

However, whether she fears that she is losing to Western rival Kim K or she simply saw a dip in her follower growth rate, it seems the Russian model decided to step it up a level recently by posting the pictures below, showing off her figure in some incredibly revealing swimsuits:

anastasia-kvitko-1 anastasia-kvitko-2

Blimey, that’s one way to get the internet’s attention. Anastasia has famously argued that she is better looking than her rival Kim Kardashian, and has said that her body is all natural and purely a result of “hard work at the gym.” If she’s telling the truth then that is absolutely incredible – maybe this woman’s biological make-up holds the key to a secret that the Kardashians have been trying to find out for years.

Still, who needs good biology when you’ve got silicone and sex tapes, am I right?


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