Looks Like We Could Be Seeing Kim Kardashian Sex Tape #2

Kim Kardashian sex tape

Kim & Kanye.

Vivid boss Steve Hirsch, who was the guy behind the infamous Kim and Ray J sex tape, has said he is willing to pay at least $25 million to get a hold of a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape.

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That’s a lot of fucking money just to watch two douchebags going at it, but then again you know that pretty much everyone in the world would watch it, so I guess he’s onto a winner. Speaking to Radar Online, Hirsch said:

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

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The deal to ultimately release the Kim K video was arguably the best deal made in the history of the adult industry.

If you take into consideration not only the sales but the immense publicity it has received, it truly stands above any other video.

The number increases every day and the interesting thing is that its sales are directly correlated to news events concerning Kim.

A Kim/Kanye tape would be worth $25 million, at bare minimum.

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You hearing this Kim and Kanye? It’s now down to you guys. If I was Kanye I would definitely get on that – he can finally redeem his reputation and put himself in the place of Ray J as the guy who famously rammed Kim K in front of the entire world. Plus he might be able to pay off his debt with the earnings. Two birds with one bone.


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