The Drunk Russian Man Trying To Navigate Past Himself In The Mirror Is The Definition Of WASTED

Russian Guy Reflection


I’m sure that everyone reading this has been guilty of having one too many when they’ve been out getting pissed at the weekend (or even on a school night if you’re a bit of a daredevil) but I dare say that would normally end with you passed out somewhere or foaming at the mouth whilst you attempt to stumble home. I doubt anyone reading this has ever been as wasted as the guy in this video.

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In the video, a Russian guy has probably been drinking for about three weeks straight because he’s so out of his mind that he doesn’t even realise the guy he’s talking to is his reflection. That is some next level shit as he’s fully talking to hit for over a minute and trying to get past it to the alcohol section so he can get more loaded and completely failing. Maybe it was his subconscious’s way of telling him to stop drinking.

Geez his face at the end there is on another level eh? Let this be a warning to you and your friends who think they drink too much – until you get to this level of wasted, you’re probably OK.

Here’s a Russian guy who’s so wasted he burns his trousers off trying to warm his ass on a fire. Those guys.


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