Watch This Drunk Russian Dude Try To Warm His Ass By The Fire But Almost Burn Himself To Death

Russian Guy Burns Trousers Off

Only in Russia.

We’ve all been drunk and cold at some point in our lives, and there have probably been occasions when we’ve tried to sort this out by standing close to a fire, probably at a festival.

Even though you’re wasted though I’m pretty sure there’s no way that anyone reading this would get anywhere near close enough to a fire to allow something as ridiculous as this to happen. It’s Russia obviously in the aftermath of some weird rave in the middle of nowhere by the looks of things, except they’re listening to ‘I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight’ rather than cool rave music (very reminiscent of these Lithuanian discos) and some drunk guy who has been up all night is trying to warm his ass on the fire.

He gets completely burned though (literally) when the fire sparks just as he’s warming his ass on, causing his trousers to catch fire massively and burn to a shred whilst he’s wearing them. This is actually a pretty serious situation but all the Russians do is stand there laughing at him (obviously) but fortunately one guy throws some water over him. Then it does get kind of funny as this unlucky dude is left with smithereens instead of trousers.

If it’s any consolation to him though he’s probably not as idiotic as any of these ridiculous Russian photographs that people actually posted to social networks.

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