Russian Granny Kills Wolf With An Axe



We’ve all heard tales of savage wolves killing cattle, werewolves tearing apart human’s flesh on the Yorkshire moors, and of course the famous fable of the boy that cried Russian woman?

In a slight turn up for the books, 56 year-old Grandmother, Aishat Maksudova (or Makkers as she’s known to her friends) has taken on a wolf and savagely killed it, as only a Russian granny could.

Aishat was tending to her flock of sheep in the Novo Biryuzak village of Daestan, Russia, when she heard the wail of one of her poor calves who was being attacked by a fearsome lone wolf.  Aishat knew that attack was the best form of defence so she set upon the blood-thirsty animal with her bare hands, managing to free the young calf from its clutches.

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However, no sooner than the calf was free, the wolf set upon Aishat clamping down its jaws on her left arm.

The wolf’s attack was short lived though as the Russian Grandmother managed to set upon the animal in a fury of axe-wielding mayhem. A local news crew interviewed the vigilante of Russian justice when she was recovering from the ordeal.  She explained how she felt in the moments where she was staring death in the face saying:

“I was not even frightened.”

“I wanted to open his mouth and put my fist all the way to his throat but I could not open him so I just left my hand (in its mouth) and the wolf was just clawing it – pulling on it – then I took the axe and hit him on his head.”

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 I think “hit him on his head” might have been a slight understatement as poor old wolfy looks pretty fucked up from the mobile footage taken in the aftermath of the battle.

This one’s for you Little Red Riding Hood, granny finally got her own back.

What did we all – including the wolf folk of Russia – learn? Don’t fvck with Russians – they are clearly off the chain crazy.

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