VIDEO: Proof Russian Brehs Are Still As Crazy As Ever

Russian Flag

Just a video of a couple of Russian brehs risking their lives for the lolz.

Russians are crazy. We came to that conclusion when we first started Sick Chirpse back in the arse end of 2010. We posted a video of some crazy Russian brehs jumping off some massive building block with a home made bungee rope attached to them. Yes, a home made bungee rope. It doesn’t get more fvcking mental than that. We also posted a video of some huge brawl in a Russian oceanarium which was pretty nuts, but not quite as nuts as the home made bungee video, I think that’s gonna be a hard one to beat.

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The video below is another one of those that will help get your bowels moving this morning if you’re having trouble. One hit of espresso and a few minutes of this video of a couple of Russian brehs (one appropriately dressed in a Spiderman costume) scaling some large as fvck disused tower/building/scaffolding type thing with no safety equipment, just for the lolz apparently. Two words: Fvck that.

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