A Russian Commmander Has Been Deliberately Run Over By His Own Troops After Suffering Heavy Losses


Whenever you hear about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is going, it seems like things aren’t going well for Putin’s forces whatsoever.

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A lot of the stories we’ve come across have been pretty embarrassing for Russia, but this one really takes the biscuit as it’s being reported by a Ukrainian journalist that Colonel Yuri Medvedev – the commander of 37 Motor Rifle Brigade – was deliberately attacked by his own troops after they became disenchanted with his leadership leading to the death of over 750 of his men. Apparently he was run over by a tank by his men and both his legs were crushed. Ouch.

His soldiers were pissed off at him after almost half of the men under his command perished after Ukrainian forces recaptured Makariv, a town near Kyiv. Can kinda understand why they might have decided to kill him after such an abject failure of leadership.

Interestingly, he’s the seventh Russian general that has died since their country decided to commence the invasion of Ukraine. Really doesn’t sound like it’s going too well for Putin does it, although I think it’ll probably be a long time until he swallows his pride and pulls the plug on the invasion. I wonder how many more generals, Ukrainians and Russians will die until that time arrives?

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