VIDEO: Naked Scandal In Russian Cheese Making Factory

These pictures of naked guys bathing in milk have been ruffling some Russian health and safety feathers this week. They’re pretty funny though.

Who doesn’t like a scandal in a Russian cheese factory? No one, that’s who. Russia isn’t exactly famed for its cheese making, but like most countries it makes its fair share. The Russian media have been going nuts this week about some photos and a video from a Russian cheese factory that have surfaced on their equivalent of Facebook – VK.

The photos that have been causing all the fuss were uploaded on 31st December 2013 and depict a bunch of naked fellas bathing in pre-cheese milk. It seems to be either a new year’s celebration or, as some reports say, a birthday celebration for one of the cheese making chaps.

Russia Omsk Cheese Maker Bath 2

Whatever the occasion these photos are both hilarious and disgusting. Personally I won’t be buying any Russian cheese for the next few weeks until this has all blown over. I imagine that the guys in question are going to get in quite a bit of trouble over this, but if I was chilling, naked in a vat of milk I would have to take some selfies. You’d be mad not to, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Russia Omsk Cheese Maker Selfie

Video of inappropriate cheese handling on the next page…

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