VIDEO: Russian Base Jumpers Attach Parachute To Skin With Hooks

Russian Base Jumper Hooks

Base jumping is dangerous enough, but when you attach the parachute to flesh hooks in your back it takes on a whole new meaning.

This is completely weird and messed up but then again it is Russia so I’m not really that surprised. Basically some base jumpers decided to take it to the next level and instead of just jumping off really small buildings (or pylons in this case) which is highly dangerous in any case, they decided to attach the parachute to the dude’s skin via gross flesh hooks to make it even more dangerous and absolutely freaky and weird.

I really can’t imagine how much it must hurt your skin to be falling and then suddenly stop when your parachute opens, or how dangerous it is because surely there’s a chance that their skin just might be ripped off in this process. It makes for some pretty cool slow motion videos though, that’s for sure, although it is slightly horrific too.

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