Russia Just Sent These Girls To Jail For Twerking In Front Of A World War 2 Memorial

Bit harsh.

Well, they actually sent three of them to jail — two for 10 days and one for 15 days while the rest of them received fines on charges of petty hooliganism. Their crime? Disrespecting history with their “erotic and sexual twerk dancing.”

One prosecutor said:

This incident of disrespect for the memory of war history is unacceptable and any attempts to desecrate sites of military glory will be stopped immediately.

No messing about. Can’t help but think they may have got a more lenient punishment if the dancing was actually any good though. Is that the real crime here? Even their choices of outfit are poor. Come on ladies, take some tips from these girls and try again (except not on a World War 2 memorial site this time).


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