VIDEO: Russell Brand Completely Destroys Heckler In Nicest Way Possible

Russell Brand

Russell Brand somehow manages to win again with this wonderful method of dealing with a heckler.

You’ve probably heard of Russell Brand’s current stand up comedy world tour Messiah Complex – hell you can even watch the whole thing online somewhere – and as you might expect with stand up comedy shows involving Russell Brand, he isn’t immune from heckling.

In this particular clip, the heckler in question chooses to shout out ‘Gandhi is a cunt’ which probably isn’t the best idea considering the whole show is based around various messiahs, including Gandhi. However, the way Russell Brand handles it is perhaps the best way of handling a heckler I’ve ever seen.

Instead of having the person ejected, or just completely rinsing them, he embarks on a passive aggressive dialogue with them which is both effective in getting them to shut up and pretty funny at the same time. Top marks.

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