Rural Olympics: The True Athletes of This World



We all enjoyed last year’s Olympics held in London. But quite often as I watched the 100m sprint I felt something lacking. If you feel the same as me, maybe you should get a ticket to India so you can see their take on the prestigious event, or of course read this article if you want the more back-seat approach.

India’s Kila Raipur Sports (named after the village it’s held in) AKA Rural Olympics, features much more entertaining spectator sports. Their take on the 100m would definitely have me entertained, and probably you, as it holds an 80 years plus entry requirement.

100m Sprint Rural Olympics

If that is still a little too boring for you it features their take on the equestrian events, such as cow chariot racing. Hopefully I shouldn’t have to point out the fact that these so called ‘chariots’ are nothing more than a few bicycle wheels strapped together, which I don’t even think would have been allowed to enter during the times of the Roman chariot races.

Cow race participant Rural Olympics

Multiple Participants, cow race

For those of you that still aren’t impressed or still a little skeptical of what the Rural Olympics holds, maybe you should get yourself down to the event whereby men attempt to put what look to be amazingly heavy pieces of machinery in their mouth. In order to show how strong their mouth and necks are I guess. Which I can only assume is an important aspect to find in a man in India.

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Rural Olympics

If this still isn’t taking your fancy, there are still a mental collection of contests anyone can enter. There are men jumping through rings of fire. Headcases wearing a ring of fire while riding a bike, deranged folk actively choosing to be smacked in the chest with sledgehammers, and men standing on horses while brandishing scalpels. Oh, did I forget to mention the lunatics who volunteer themselves to be run over by tractors?

Just when we thought Russia was the strangest place in the world.

rural-olympics Bike

Rural Olympics Man riding two horses

Rural Olympics Tractor

If you still aren’t amazed, and how can you not be? Here’s a few things where I have no idea of what the hell is going on, I just assumed this is the norm in India. And if you STILL aren’t satisfied, check out the video below. Have a great Saturday.

Rural Olympics Ladder Bike

Tractor run over

Rural Olympics No armed race

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