New Horror Movie ‘Rupture’ Will Force You To Face Your Biggest Fear


Turning the thriller genre on its head.

Getting kidnapped and held to ransom is an absolutely terrifying proposition, but getting kidnapped and experimented on with no hope of rescue is about a hundred times more worrying.

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That’s the premise of this new thriller ‘Rupture’, which sees single mother Noomi Rapace getting kidnapped by a bunch of weirdos – who might actually be aliens – and then experimented on to find her unique genetic code. Or something.

Either way, it looks absolutely petrifying as most of the trailer involves Rapace strapped up to a table and getting needles and knives stuck into her. Ouch:

Haunting trailer huh? There’s a lot of dread involved there. I didn’t really notice anything about facing your biggest fears in it – although I did see those spiders crawling around at the end which is apparently Noomi Rapace’s character’s biggest fear – but I suppose they’re saving that for the film. It basically just looked like some weirdos kidnapped her and were trying to torture her/perform experiments on her, which is creepy enough without throwing in having to face your greatest fears as well.

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