Rumours Of Amber Heard Being Fired From ‘Aquaman 2’ Are Inaccurate

It sounds like something is going on here.

There’s been a major furore over the past couple of months over the fact that Johnny Depp was pretty much cancelled following a judge’s decision to find him guilty of beating up Amber Heard and subsequently lost his roles in a bunch of big movies, with many arguing that Heard’s behaviour during their relationship was just as bad and she needs to receive some kind of punishment as well.

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To this end, something like 2 million people ended up signing a petition to have her removed from ‘Aquaman 2’ and over the weekend rumours started floating round the internet that she had actually been removed from her role as Mera in the forthcoming sequel. However, Ryan Parker – a senior writer at ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ has quickly moved to tell the fans that this isn’t the case at all:

No further comments have been given at the time of writing and it seems unlikely that Warner Bros themselves will make an official announcement on the subject because nothing has actually happened on their end and they would probably just get a load of abuse in the comments from all the Johnny Depp stans out there – of which there are an absolute load. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of crap, trust me.

It does seem kinda strange that Parker used the word ‘inaccurate’ in his tweet though. That kinda implies that there’s some truth in what’s being said here, but it’s not 100% true. Be interesting to see if this situation gets developed any further, sure.

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