Check Out These Rugby Players Getting Bottle Openers Surgically Implanted In Their Teeth

Bottle Opener In Teeth

If you lose your teeth, why not get bottle openers put in instead in the most macho move ever?

There isn’t really anything that much cooler than being able to open a bottle effortlessly with your teeth, although it does completely mess your teeth up. Imagine if that wasn’t an issue anymore though and there was a completely sick cheat that allowed you to do it with no pain or lasting damage. That time is now.

An Argentinian beer company called Salta Beer is now offering rugby players who have lost their teeth on the field the chance to replace their lost molars with bottle openers instead of fake teeth. Genius right?

The tooth implant has a hooked edge for latching onto the beer cap and is anchored into the jawbone like a regular fake tooth. Judging by the promo video below with a bunch of happy looking rugby players, it looks like the best idea ever if you like opening bottles, although they do look a bit uncomfortable and uncool when they’re doing it. The style will probably come with time though.

To be honest, it probably won’t be too long until this becomes a surgical option all over the world. It’s certainly a better idea than spending your life savings on surgery to look like Justin Bieber and it completely and utterly failing.

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