Rudy Giuliani Wiped Boogers Over His Face During Press Conference; Hair Dye Oozes All Over Him Too

What a run this guy is having.

It’s fair to say that Rudy Giuliani hasn’t been having the best couple of weeks; not only is he peddling ridiculous conspiracy theories about the election result being false, but he’s also already been forced to hold a press conference at a landscaping store instead of a hotel, was seen messing around with his underwear in the company of a 15 year old thank to Borat and let me tell you, the shots just keep on coming in his press conference last night.

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Rudy has now just embarrassed himself massively again on national television with one of the weirdest ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ of all time during his press conference, where he also continued to talk absolute nonsense about the election result. Firstly, before he was speaking he took out a tissue and blew his nose on it and then proceeded to wipe the sweat off his face with the side that he had clearly blown his boogers into, effectively wiping snot and boogers all over every part of his face.

You can watch a very eloquent take on it all in this guy’s TikTok:

Lol. That probably would have been bad enough, but Rudy excelled himself even further during his speech as some weird brown stuff started oozing down his face when he started talking. No, it wasn’t snot or boogers but the internet was torn over what it could be, with some people arguing that it was recently applied hair dye and others insisting that it was actually mascara that he had applied to his sideburns for purpose of making them look less grey because hair dye wouldn’t have worked in that situation.

Either way it looked completely weird and was really embarrassing for the guy again. Get a load of this:

Lol what? How did he not feel it dripping down his face and not wiped it all off immediately? Why does it keep slowly dripping throughout his talk? Why did nobody tell him about it? Why did he apply hair dye/mascara/whatever to his sideburns in the first place? Literally so many questions there that will never ever be answered.

When Rudy opened his mouth things didn’t get much better as he decided to reference the 1992 movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’ which was another absolute car crash, saying that the Republican vote watchers were even further away than the titular character during the process for the Presidential election. You probably don’t remember even if you have heard of the movie, but there’s a scene where a witness is too far away from Vinny and says that he’s holding up four fingers instead of two. Apparently the vote watchers were even further away than this character – who also apparently has bad eyesight and isn’t wearing the right glasses. Cool reference man – sure everyone caught that one:

Now this is funny for three reasons: firstly that Giuliani is referencing an obscure scene in a movie that came out almost thirty years ago that nobody is going to remember when he’s desperately trying to appeal to the masses with said reference; secondly the character that he’s comparing to the vote counters has bad eyesight and can’t see anything properly anyway – not a good look when he’s arguing it’s the distance from the ballots that was the problem here; and thirdly that the whole plot of ‘My Cousin Vinny’ revolves around a personal injury lawyer from Brooklyn conning a judge into letting him try a case by impersonating someone else, which is pretty much exactly what Giuliani and Trump are trying to do to the nation/world with this voting fraud lawsuit. You honestly couldn’t make it up.

How do these people keep taking the stupidest possible course of action every single time? It’s also really funny to see all the members of his team fake laugh at Rudy’s reference and his dumb Brooklyn accent. Fair play on reminding us about ‘My Cousin Vinny’ though – it’s a great movie and might be good to whack on during lockdown at some point. Thanks for giving us a good laugh to wake up to this morning as well.

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