The Garden Centre Where Trump’s Team Held Their Press Conference Is Now Selling Branded Merch

Business is booming.

By far and away one of the funniest and most bizarre moments of the weekend was when Trump’s team – led by Rudy Giuliani – decided to hold a press conference at a garden centre in between a sex shop and a crematorium instead of a hotel, so naturally Four Seasons Total Landscaping is now looking to make some money off the situation.

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Within 24 hours, the garden centre had revealed its own dedicated merchandise page where you can buy t- shirts, stickers, hoodies and other fun items like a mug. They also released a pretty clever statement, making sure not to alienate anyone in their potential fan base – take a look below and see what you think:

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Yeah I think they probably could have done a better job with their merch designs there really, don’t you? Although I suppose that is kind of the point as well – their t-shirt designs should probably reflect the level of crappy company that they are and the hilarity of Trump’s team calling a press conference there. Hopefully they’re self aware enough to be going for that and it isn’t just dogshit because they’re major morons with no idea how to make logos.

Having said that, scrolling through the replies I already like this guy’s fake merch way better, and the dude is donating any money made from it to voter charities in Georgia. I would recommend picking this up if you really want some merch to remember this monumental event by:

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