Rudy Giuliani Ripped A Massive Fart During Michigan Election Fraud Hearing

This guy just keeps getting better.

Whilst Donald Trump is cutting an increasingly forlorn and defeated look from high up on in The White House, the real comedy of the past few weeks has come from his man on the ground Rudy Giuliani who seems to be singlehandedly doing everything he can to take the attention away from the current President.

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Giuliani is currently attending a hearing about election fraud in Michigan and appears to have let rip a massive fart whilst he was ranting and raving at a federal judge during it. Take a listen below and see what you think – it’s the second video, although the first one is also a hoot too:

Oh dear. I can’t really think of anything else that that noise could be other than a fart, and the way that Rudy’s getting really angry and ranting and raving you can see understand that he might just lose control for a second and it might squeeze out. It’s a real shame these embarrassing things keep happening to him isn’t it? Lol.

For more of the same, here’s a bunch of stupid things that Rudy Giuliani has done in the past month or so. Really on a great run at the moment and it shows no signs of stopping.


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