Is This The Rudest Job Rejection Letter Ever?

You seriously won’t believe what it says.

A 48 year old former serviceman from Princetown, Devon named James Allen has received what can only be described as the worst job rejection letter of all time following his interview for a role at window and conservatory manufacturer Right Price PVCu. Ironically, James said he thought the interview had gone pretty well before he received the email, which you can read below:

Worst Job Rejection Letter Ever

Ouch. James himself seems pretty crushed by it, offering the following statement:

I’m a confident person normally but she has brought into question my face and my age. It’s knocked my confidence. Just because I’m a man and I’m 48 doesn’t mean that I can’t get upset.

To be fair if I got that email after a job interview I thought had gone well I probably would be a bit upset too, though I don’t know if I would have gone to the papers with it as that’s probably only going to increase my embarrassment. The response from the company director Sarah Hassler over why she sent this to James though is absolutely priceless:

Ironically, I had read something that day which said if you are angry or upset you should write it down and get it all out to move on.

So that evening at home I did this. I then wrote another email reply to James.

Unfortunately, I now realise that it was in fact the other email which was sent in error, which was never supposed to be seen by him.

Whoops. You couldn’t really make it up, could you? To ensure that your job interview doesn’t end up like this one, but instead ends up being absolutely hilarious, make sure you follow these 20 tips.


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