The RSPCA Are Hunting For People Who Skewered A Cat And Put It On A BBQ

Its remains were found in an alleyway.

People are doing some crazy things as they’re confined to their houses for 23 hours a day, but even in this weird time I don’t think there’s any excuses for skewering your cat and trying to BBQ it.

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This is apparently what has happened down in Doncaster, South Yorkshire where the chargrilled remains of said cat were found dumped in an alleyway opposite the shops on Beckett Road, Wheatley, on April 16. The cat had been microchipped, but after speaking to the former owner found out that she had been rehired two years and there was no record of the identity of the new owner.

Here’s what RSPCA Inspector Tamsin Drysdale said:

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The person who found the cat said she had a skewer through her body and was laying on the top of a disposable barbecue.

She was so badly burned it isn’t possible to be sure what colour her fur was.

We don’t know whether this happened while the cat was alive or dead, but I suspect, and very much hope, it was the latter.

The cat was microchipped and after a couple of days of trying I have now been able to speak to the person who’s details were registered.

They said that they rehomed the cat and her kittens two years ago but they couldn’t tell me who to.

If anyone has any information at all that might help me to find out what happened here please call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

Jesus. What would possess someone to put a cat on a BBQ like that?  (I suppose vegetarians would argue what would possess you to BBQ any animal, but let’s not bother with that OK?)

I guess you could argue that they’re going mental from being locked indoors for so long, but even so this is seriously depraved behaviour. Have you not seen ‘Don’t F*ck With Cats’? Hopefully this freak gets found and arrested before any animals or people get hurt.

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