This Is What It’s Like Being The Royal Family’s Personal Gynaecologist

Here’s a run-down of the vaginas Royal Gynaecologist Marcus Setchell has treated throughout his career.

Ever wondered who oversaw the births of Prince George and Princess Chalotte? There was obviously a top medical team involved, but only one man was truly in charge — Marcus Setchell, who came out of retirement from the gynaecology game twice after being asked by Prince William and Kate to make sure the royal births went smoothly.

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There’s really no other person on Earth that can say they get paid to look at royal vaginas, and for that Setchell deserves some recognition and we’re happy to give it to him. You might think he’s a lucky so-and-so for getting to inspect the super amazing Kate Middleton’s vagina but then you remember he has other royal private parts to tend to and they definitely ain’t as pretty. Here’s a rundown:

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Kate Middleton

This is what a princess is supposed to look like. Born to be fucking royal. Standardly has the most immaculately well-kept, healthy and sparkling vagina Marcus Setchell will ever see.

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