This Royal Guardsman Who Fainted Was The Best Part Of The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration (VIDEO)

None of the other guardsmen even gave a shit.

A member the Queen’s guard fainted during the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations on the weekend, and the funniest part about it is he’s just laying there while none of the other guards seem to give a fuck.

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Watch below:

Naturally, the memes came out in full force:








I get that the Queen’s guards are meant to stick to the routine no matter what, but come on. Just letting that guy faint and smash his face into the ground and then leaving him to die in the heat isn’t the greatest of looks. Even funnier is the fact that no cameras actually caught the guy fainting, so the camera just panned out and all you see is this guy laying face-down in the middle of all the celebrations with no one helping him whatsoever. Bigger breakfast next time pal.

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