LIVE FEED: From The Hospital Where The Royal Baby Is About To Be Born

Immerse yourself in the cauldron of anticipation and excitement that is St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. But be careful – you might not be able to leave!

Oh my god I can’t believe how incredible this is!!

In a completely unexpected, unprecedented turn of events, cameras have now been allowed to stream a live feed – yes LIVE FEED!!! – from the hospital where the royal baby is about to be born!

Kate is due any day now and the excitement is rippling through the nation! You can see it in the faces of everyone that walks past – the joy, the commotion, the ecstasy! I’ve been fixed to the live feed for over an hour now and I just can’t look away! I’m entranced! I need a wee but I daren’t leave the computer in case I miss anything!

Join in yourself, but be careful – you might not be able to leave!!

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…come on people, we’re better than this.


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