Watch This Roulette Player Pull Off The Most Insane Win In Gambling History

Gambling win

Some guys have all the luck.

What you are about to witness might just give you the urge to walk into a casino and bet your entire life savings on a single roulette game. The video below is filmed in the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, Uruguay and unbelievably, it sees Brazilian businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle bet $35,000 on roulette… and he ends up winning $3.5 million.

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Some people have all the luck eh?

OK, it’s not a particularly good video in the way that it’s shot, but it’s still pretty awesome to see that this can actually happen.

Of course, the impact is slightly lessened when you learn that Bartelle is actually the son of one of the wealthiest magnates in all of Brazil, so that $35K was probably just peanuts to him. Like I said, some people have all the luck.

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