Ross Kemp Was Left Unable To Speak After Smoking Spice For New Prison Documentary


I think it’s fairly well documented that there’s absolutely nothing good about smoking Spice, but Ross Kemp still had to try and be the hard man and have a toot on is for his new documentary about prison life in HMP Belmarsh.

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Sadly for Kemp, he wasn’t any better at handling it than the average Spice junkie you see wandering the streets like a zombie as he couldn’t even speak after smoking the tiniest little bit of the stuff that was left in vape by a prisoner who was now comatose. There isn’t a video clip of it yet, but here’s what Ross told The Sun about his experience:

I am rarely lost for words but as I turn to camera, I have lost the ability to speak.

My brain has gone blank, my hands are clammy and my mouth is dry.

I have just inhaled a tiny amount of Spice residue left in a vape by a comatose prisoner.

This version of the drug is called Man Down and does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s made up of a combination of aluminium cleaner and insect killer.

Rank. Not even sure what he thought was going to happen when he smoked that though hey?

I guess he’s doing everyone out there that still might think after everything that’s been said about it that smoking it would be a good idea a massive favour though by showing us all that even someone as hard as Ross Kemp can’t handle it. Don’t do it.

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