Man Assaults Roommate For Taking His Morning Shower Too Early

Person in shower

Absolutely raging.

Toronto police were called to address a situation between two roommates early last Tuesday morning after one of them got up too early to take a shower.

This apparently sparked the other one into a rage and he began to assault him for it, leaving the original shower boy with seemingly no other option but to call the police out to their York University campus. And even though this seems like a very trivial pursuit, the cops headed over there to try and sort it out, tweeting the following:

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The dispute was able to be resolved, with the shower kid suffering some very minor injuries and deciding not to press charges. He sounds like a bit of a pussy to be honest – getting up early to shower and then calling the police on his roommate for roughing him up a bit, he just sounds like an absolute snitch/nerd/lamer.

The cops kinda agreed with this statement too, with constable Craig Brister saying the following:

Is it the most effective use of police resources? No.

But when people call, we’ve got to go.

We want people to know we’re there when they need to call us.

If you’ve been attacked, you need to feel you can call the police.

The oddest call I ever got was when someone complained their neighbour had thrown a snowball at him.

Well yeah, both of those incidents are just stupid. If this story tells us anything, it’s that you should think before you call the cops, and if you need any more evidence of this check out the dumbest 999 calls of 2015.


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