How To Get A Room Off Tinder & A Date Off SpareRoom

House On Tinder

Come learn how to misappropriate technology in this slutty, desperate world we live in.

How To Get a Date Off SpareRoom

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Now on the same day before I visited and got accepted to live in the place I’m in now, I applied for this buff looking house in Brixton. With minimal hope and expectations for that evening, I thought why not. Can’t hurt. The people sounded cool, the house looked great. I went to the planned house viewing that evening after work, got drunk, and nutted the door on my way out. Good work. Despite such retardation, and a loud echoing laughter coming from the house as I made my way, egotistically broken, to the tube; they hit me up to say the room was mine.

The next morning I jump on SpareRoom to find out I received a message from the Brixton house, saying they’d love for me to come down and see the place and meet peeps that evening. In a rare term of events, there was even a number for me to contact. So I jumped on text to say I’m sorry but I found a place (with a written charm, standard). Then there was a response, with a “LOL”, and a really friendly tone. So I texted back, then she did, then in some moment of bizarre inappropriateness, I said, you seem cool, sorry about the room, but if you guys ever fancy nailing that booze I would have brought down, just give me a shout.


Too far.

[Bzz Bzz]

“Tomorrow night? 😉 x”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get a date off SpareRoom.

So what should you take away from this, if anything? I guess that all the above success derives from putting effort into your communication. Be daring, put your neck on the line, and start figuring out how you transmit your personal character to the written word. Unless you’re a dick, that is. In which case, you’ve got much bigger fish to fry.

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