Ronda Rousey Is Getting Completely Rinsed For Bragging That She Doesn’t Need A Coronavirus Panic Buying List

So out of touch.

The Coronavirus pandemic is here and everyone is dealing with it in their own unique way – but some people are doing a much better job of this than others.

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Case in point revolves around former UFC champion and WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey who took to the internet to brag about the fact that she isn’t panic buying anything for a potential quarantine because she already lives in a self sustainable house and to encourage other people to attempt this method of living as well. Here’s what she had to say:


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Our coronavirus panic shopping list is: Nonexistent. It’s no secret I’ve been a proud preppier for years- but let’s all learn from this pandemic panic and be a little more self sufficient and prepared in the future. Taking steps to live sustainably takes time but ultimately saves money, permanently eliminates water and power bills, reduces our carbon footprint, and is just plain healthier. We started @browsey_acres with just a compost bin and a few boxes of @soylent, which then became just a small herb garden, then a full garden (admittedly still under construction) then a few chickens, then a few more chickens (and ducks!), then a whole steer, then a solar roof, then a water catchment system. Start small! Just start! Let’s stop panicking and start preparing! Stay safe out there and #StayRowdyMyFriends!

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I mean her advice makes sense, but it’s obviously completely out of touch with the average person’s reality because she’s a multimillionaire who has a load of free time so has the resources and freedom to actually make something like that happen. Your regular guy in the street, not so much.

As such, Rousey got completely and utterly rinsed about it on Twitter. Here’s a few of the best comments:

Yeah, surprised she hasn’t read a few of them and deleted the post to be honest because it doesn’t put her in a good light whatsoever. I guess she probably doesn’t really mind what other people think of her though because she’s got a sustainable house up on her hill which means she doesn’t have to deal with the general public too often. Must be pretty nice for her.

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