Donald Trump Offered $1 Billion For Exclusive Rights To Coronavirus Vaccine

Of course he did.

I said towards the end of last week that the only thing that a bunch of people were seeing when they talked about Coronavirus were dollar signs and this has been perfectly illustrated by this story about the most powerful man in the world.

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We’re all well aware that there’s no vaccine for Coronavirus at this point in time and a whole bunch of people have died because of this, but this hasn’t changed the fact that Donald Trump is still thinking about profits as it emerged that he tried to buy the exclusive rights to Coronavirus from a German company for the neat little sum of $1 billion. Germany’s interior minister Horst Seehofer said the following about Trump’s attempts to buy biotech firm Curevac:

I can only say that I have heard several times today from government officials today that this is the case, and we will be discussing it in the crisis committee tomorrow.

The US themselves have acknowledged that something like this was happening as well, but have tried to downplay it by saying that they’re talking to loads of companies that are attempting to develop vaccines and that there’s nothing sinister going on with their dealings with Curevac. Not sure if anyone is buying that though when it clearly seems like the German government is a bit rattled by it as well.

Curevac themselves have also released a statement saying that if they were able to develop a vaccine that they would then share this with the rest of the world and wouldn’t be selling it to a single state – a decision which has been praised by the German government. Seems absolutely mad that Trump would attempt to buy the vaccine so that he could then sell it to the rest of the world, but I guess that level of ruthlessness is why he’s a billionaire. Probably shouldn’t be surprised.

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