Russian Press Publish Private DMs Between Cristiano Ronaldo And Instagram Model

Ronaldo’s chat-up technique leaves something to be desired.

Following the publication of photos that suggested he was in a gay relationship with a Moroccan kickboxer, it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is keeping his options open, at least when it comes to Russian dancer/model Alena Alexandrova.

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The Instagram girl baited up the Real Madrid star big time by posting the direct messages onto her social media, before the full conversation was printed by Russian website sovsport.

In the chat, he bigs up Alena’s twerking skills before suggesting they move the convo to Whatsapp:







Easiest hook-up in history? Has to be up there. Although it makes you wonder how Ronaldo could be so trusting of some random girl he’s perving on on social media? Does he just not give a crap if his DMs get published? Or was it a case of Alena’s twerk skills short-circuiting his brain and making him completely forget that he’s a multi-millionaire footballing superstar who should probably be keeping this kind of thing on the down-low?

Whatever the case, you, I and Alena Alexandrova will clearly never love anything as much as Ronaldo loves himself. That’s just how it goes when someone flies their personal hair stylist to Madrid every month, just to brush their waxwork’s hair.


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