Ronaldinho Is Going To Marry Two Women At The Same Time

Ronaldinho is well known as one of the most iconic footballers in history after winning pretty much every honour that he could have done in the game, but it seems like even that isn’t enough for him as he’s still looking to push boundaries following his retirement – although not in the traditional sense.

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The Mirror is reporting that Ronaldinho apparently isn’t content with giving his heart to one woman for the rest of his life, but instead he’s planning on marrying two women at the same time in the coming months. The football hero had been dating Pricilla Coelho for some years before he started seeing Beatriz Souza sometime in 2016. The pair moved into his $5 million mansion in Rio de Janeiro in December 2017 and have travelled with him everywhere since then, culminating with Ronaldinho proposing to them both in January this year.

Here’s a picture of the happy threesome:

Ronaldinho Wives

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You might think that it’s hard for Ronaldinho to effectively have two wives for obvious reasons, but apparently he keeps them in check by giving them an allowance of £1500 each a month and buying them exactly the same gifts so that neither one gets jealous of the other. Amazingly, this seems to have worked and the threesome lead a ‘harmonious’ existence together. I guess you’ve gotta give Ronaldinho respect for that even if it completely bizarre and weird behaviour considering he isn’t a Mormon.

However, even though the two women seem to be OK with this arrangement, not everyone in their immediate families are as well. Ronaldinho’s sister Desi is said to be strongly opposed to her brother’s polygamy and has stated she won’t be attending the women, and members of Pricilla’s family are allegedly planning a confrontation with the World Cup winning legend after they discovered that he was dating Beatriz as well. Good luck with that one, yeah – seems like a real smart idea to cut off one of the most popular and richest people in Brazil just because he isn’t polygamous doesn’t it?

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