Watch Ronald McDonald Go Crazy And Massacre A Playground Full Of Kids

Ronald McDonald Psycho

The Rackaracka Collective are back and this time they’ve produced a short Ronald McDonald/Candyman crossover and it’s just as gory and bloody as ever.

The guys over at RackaRacka are responsible for some of the goriest and most full on – yet crucially still hilarious – short horror movies on the internet and they’ve returned once again with this Ronald McDonald/Candyman crossover.

In it, one little kid is forced to say Ronald McDonald’s name three times into the mirror (a la Candyman) and then wait and see what happens. The action goes down at a Wacky Warehouse kind of venue and Ronald McDonald basically goes full on psychopath and kills a whole bunch of little kids in increasingly violent and gory ways. It’s great.

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Full on huh? If you enjoyed that be sure to check out the other RackaRacka projects like this one where they perform Mortal Kombat X fatalities in real life. To be honest, these videos are so successful I’m fairly certain it isn’t going to be too long until someone gives the RackaRacka guys the money to make a full movie because judging by all these you know they’d smash it if they got the chance.


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