Romanian Player Running Headbutts Referee And Breaks His Nose After Being Sent Off

Romanian Player Headbutts Referee

I haven’t seen a headbutt like this since 2006.

Over in the Romanian amateur league, Semenicul Văliug and Minerul Anina were playing a game that came to an abrupt halt when some thuggish striker – who has the same kind of stature as Wayne Rooney – commits a pretty blatant foul on a defender by stamping on his leg after he’s lost the ball. When the striker sees the referee reaching for the red, instead of taking it like a man and heading to the changing rooms, he immediately runs headfirst into the ref and headbutts him in the nose, instantly breaking it.

The referee isn’t a pussy though and kind of gets to his feet acting all nonchalant and hard, but the fact is that he’s fucked and his nose has been broken. Still, at least he didn’t let the bastard see him crying like a baby on the floor because of it, although that’s scant consolation for having a broken nose really isn’t it?

The game was abandoned after the incident and I’m not really sure what happened to the striker, hopefully he picked up a big ban though.

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