The Met Museum Has The Weirdest Shoe Collection On Earth

Shoes, glorious shoes.

Girls love shoes: FACT. That’s why we cover a lot of shoe based stuff at Sick Chirpse. Like the woman who attacked her husband with a stiletto (NSFW) and our simple guide to selling shoes to perverts online. We’re all about shoes here at SC. Well, sort of.

I don’t reckon there’s a woman on earth with as many weird shoes as New York’s Museum of Metropolitan Art. For some reason they have an epic collection of historical shoes, designer shoes and downright bonkers shoes.

We all know that fashion goes in cycles, but do you reckon any of these bad boys will come back into vogue? I truly hope so.

Here’s a small selection of their odder offerings over the next few slides:

Hurd Shoe Company – 1930-1939

Produced from 1930-1939, attributed to Hurd Shoe Co.

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