Roger Waters Is Considering Performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall On US-Mexico Border

The Wall

Another brick in the wall.

You probably thought up until the recent government shutdown that Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall across the Mexican/American border was forgotten, but now that the government shutdown over spending on it drags on and on, we’ve gotta think that it could actually be a very real possibility.

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To has prompted a statement from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters that he made back in February 2017 to go viral again, as he considered playing Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ on the United States/Mexico border to protest the proposed construction of such a wall. The original 1979 recording wasn’t written about any specific structure but it took on heightened meaning thanks to the situation in Germany, and Waters performed the album in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the wall in 1990.

Waters now sees a similar situation between Trump and the current Mexican border wall and said the following about the song’s relevance after revealing he was thinking about a performance:

The Wall is very relevant now with Mr. Trump and all of this talk of building walls and creating as much enmity as possible between races and religions.

The album is about how detrimental building walls can be on a personal level, but also on broader levels.

There will first need to be an awakening against these far-right policies. The sewers are engorged by greedy and powerful men as I speak to you.

Music is a legitimate place to express protest, musicians have an absolute right, a duty, to open their mouths to speak out.

Damn straight pal. Although Waters did say this almost two years ago and hasn’t performed such a concert yet so maybe he wasn’t that enthused about actually doing it again. With the current playing field the way it is though, maybe it’s the time for him to remember this statement and go play a show.

Not really sure what it would achieve except for an ironic lol from millennials though, but hey.

For more walls, check out this Cards Against Humanity tactic to stop the wall from being built. Pretty ingenious.


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