When Roger Moore Was ‘James Bond’ He Had The Greatest Contract Clause Ever

Roger moore james bond

Anything for Mr. Moore.

The debate over who was the best James Bond will no doubt rage on forever, but with this story about the recently deceased Roger Moore, there’s no doubt over who had the greatest contract clause out of the actors who played the titular character.

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Apparently, when Roger Moore was negotiating to become James Bond for the first time, he demanded that he receive unlimited Montecristo cigars as part of his contract. The producers must have really wanted Moore, because they buckled to his demands and there you go, cigars all around.

Check out this photo of Miss Moneypenny giving him a box:

Hey and if he didn’t like those, he could just throw them away and demand some more. You know why? Because he’s got access to unlimited cigars, baby.

I’ve got to say, that’s one of the most impressive contract clauses I’ve ever heard and I totally admire Moore for having the gall to ask for something so ridiculous. I bet he abused that privilege to the maximum as well, throwing them in his swimming pool and giving them to homeless people etc. I know I would – if someone’s dumb enough to agree to something like that then you’ve got to take advantage of it. Rude not to.

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