The Rock Has Revealed That The ‘Jumanji’ Remake Is Actually A Sequel

The Rock Jumanji

Plot twist.

The reaction to a ‘Jumanji’ remake has been pretty mixed – some people absolutely love the fact that their favourite childhood film is getting a reboot, while others fear it is going to be completely bastardised and should be left as it is.

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The latest revelation might generate even more of a reaction, as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has just revealed that the new movie is actually going to be a sequel. Interesting.

Previous reports suggested that The Rock would work with Kevin Hart for a remake of the original, but now it looks like they will be continuing the story. He made the announcement on Instagram, where he promised:

We will honor his name and the character of ‘Alan Parrish’ will stand alone and be forever immortalised in the world of Jumanji in an earnest and cool way.

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Finished strong and on to the next. That's an officially wrap on #FastAndFurious8. Thank you to our director @fgarygray for the vision and execution. Thank you UNIVERSAL for being tremendous partners as always, thank you to all my fellow co-stars for the daily effort and grind. Scott Eastwood you handsome sumbitch! Natalie Emmanuel I have a cold Budweiser ready for you and Tyrese Gibson you still have the biggest smile and forehead I've ever seen.😂 And a huge THANK YOU to our hard working production crew – the backbone of our business. Your kind words meant a lot to me last night – thank you! In the end, we all rallied, as great teams do, kicked ass and will deliver an amazing movie to the world. Proud of our entire FAST FAMILY. And now in two weeks I'll reunite with ol' friends Kevin Hart & Jack Black and we have the honor to introduce a whole new generation to the amazing world of #JUMANJI. *(for the record we are NOT making a reboot, but rather a continuation of the awesome JUMANJI story). It's also crazy to me how much me, Kev and Jack look like triplets when we're together. 👶🏽👶🏻👶🏿. Man this is gonna be FUN. #WheelsUp #ThatsAWrap #FromFastAndFurious #StraightIntoJumanji #BigBrownBaldTattooedMan #DarkChocolateComedicRockStar #BrillaintCrazyCurvyCaucasion #TheseHashtagsAreRidiculous #INeedSleepAndCARBS #ButIWillSettleForTequila

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Well I hope that he sticks to his word because it would be absolutely criminal to ruin such a classic film.

The sequel isn’t out until 2017 so we still have a little while to wait. Until then, did you know that there’s going to be a TV version of ‘The Lost Boys’? Seems like all the classics are getting a remake these days.


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