Pro Wrestling Flashback: The Rock Vs Mankind In An Empty Arena Match

Coronavirus could make this a reality again in 2020.

With coronavirus panic already resulting in several sporting events being played in empty stadiums, it’s only right that we throw it back to The Rock Vs Mankind in an empty area match from 1999.

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They filmed it as part of a ‘Halftime Heat’ segment during the Superbowl and decided on an empty arena for no reason other than they thought it would be a cool thing to do. In the end – they were right:

Just completely OTT and ridiculous and much of what made pro wrestling great back in the day. The best bit is that you can hear them talking shit to each other throughout the whole fight thanks to the lack of any other noise in the arena. Way more entertaining than the stuff WWE comes out with nowadays.

As far as I know, WWE’s big event ‘Wrestlemania’ is still scheduled to go ahead on April 5 in Tampa, Florida. Surely there’s no way we make it to April without them cancelling it, right? Or maybe just do the whole thing in an empty area. It may not be by design this time but still, no one wants to see The Undertaker catch coronavirus do they?

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