Sex Robots Are Going To Be So Good In Bed That We’re All Going To Become Addicted To Them

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No need for a real relationship anymore.

‘Being good in bed’ is an age old worry for anyone about to sleep with someone for the first time as obviously you want it to be awesome, but it could quite easily end in tragedy – especially now that sex robots are categorically going to be better in bed than any human could ever possibly hope to be.

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Joel Snell is a robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa – who has exactly the kind of name that you would expect a robotics expert from Iowa to have – and he’s saying that sex robots will be commonplace by 2050 and everyone will absolutely love them:

Because they would be programmable, sexbots would meet each individual user’s needs.

Robotic sex may become addictive. Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed.

By the year 2050, sex with robots will be common – and some people may actually fall in love with androids.

Sex Robot

Sounds like Joel Snell can’t wait huh – probably so he can lose his virginity to an android and fall in love with one.

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Snell isn’t alone in his analysis though, as David Levy from the University of Maastricht predicted that human-robot marriages would take place by 2050 and Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the University of Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand reckon that robot prostitutes will be available in 2050 too. They’ll be very expensive though.

So basically you’ve only gotta wait 34 years until it will be socially acceptable to have sex with a robot. Bet you can’t wait.

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