Someone’s Homemade Robot Is Waiting In Line For Their New iPhone 6S

Robot Standing In Line iPhone

This is surely a sign of the apocalypse.

You know when a new iPhone comes out and you absolutely positively have to be one of the first people to have one so you can walk around work/school/town acting like a complete and utter badass? No, I don’t either but some people actually do think that way and are prepared to sit in line outside the Apple store for days in order to gain the privilege.

One Australian girl called Lucy Kelly has absolutely gamed the system here though, and has instead sent a makeshift robot to wait in line at the Apple store over in Sydney. Lucy decided she didn’t have time to wait in line at the Apple Store for 17 days like the person at the front of the queue, and decided to hook up a segway and an iPad together and leave that in line instead. She got there four days ago and is currently fourth in the line.

Lucy says that her media agency Atomic 212 actually has around six of these hanging around her office, so it wasn’t even that much of a stretch for her to come up with this idea. In fact, it was a no brainer:

We use them for everything, just to show new technology.

It is a cool demonstration of what the future of technology will be.

We are obsessed with them.

My boss even attended at meeting in Sydney when he was in Bali through one.

I wanted to be one of the first people to have the iPhone 6S, but obviously because of work I can’t spend two days standing in line waiting for a mobile phone

So my boss said ‘Just take the robot down, you’ll still be able to do your work, but you’ll still be waiting in line.’

iPhone Robot

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What a swell boss. Or a great marketer, as this is obviously a great way to get free advertising, both for the media agency and whoever manufactures these robots.

The robot itself works by using an app that allows the owner of the robot to connect to the iPad from anywhere and communicate with those around them. Lucy has been talking to people in line the whole time the robot has been waiting there and is making a whole load of new friends. She planned to not even show up this morning to get the iPhone and wanted the robot to do that too, although we’re not sure how that went down at the time of writing.

I think the most amazing thing about all of this though is that everyone else in the line is perfectly OK with this woman sending a robot as her proxy instead of standing around for hours (or 17 days in the case of the person at the front of the line) themselves. If I was down there I would have smashed it to pieces by now or at least pushed in front of it. Australian people are way too nice.

Fucking robots. It’s probably not going to be long until they start killing humans of their own free will. Oh wait – they already have.


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