Robot Swagger

Robots are evolving from robot war type vehicles, to human type pimpin’ swagger-bots.

Robot Swagger

Have you ever seen a robot with as much swagger as this dude?

This robot was made by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) who are building robots with the intention that they’ll be able to help in the response to disaster situations. The robots like this one are made to look very similar to humans, with two arms, two legs, a torso and some kind of weird head thing.

Robots in the past have always resembled the kind of entrants you get on robot wars, not very human like. I’m not talking the greasy geeky fat fuckers who make the robots, I’m talking about the robots themselves. They’ve always resembled a smallish vehicle more than anything. Well times are changing and the new range of robots are going to be more like a terminator build.Terminators with a motherfuckin’ pimp strut.

The robot in the video below is a major player in the Darpa program, and by the looks of it, a major player when it comes to chicks too. This robot has the pure swag that only an O.G. pimp would possess.

Some jealous dude is trying to fvck up his strut half way through the video, but the robots having none of it. He simply finds his balance and carries on doing his thing. No doubt he back slapped that bitch and then took his wife home off camera.  Check this fly ass robot in action:

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