This Robot Can Now Jump On Boxes And Do A Backflip

Robot Backflip

Is this a good idea?

Given the fact that it’s well documented in countless science fiction movies that robots will eventually gain enough sentience to overthrow the human race and a new Blade Runner movie just came out, it seems kinda weird that people are continuing to develop robots to be completely and utterly badass.

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Yet here we are, and the guys behind the already scarily mobile and sentient Atlas robot have decided to make it even better, teaching it to jump up on boxes and perform a ninja backflip too. Take a look at this because it’s guaranteed to blow your mind:

Impressive. But also very very scary. I mean if you think about the number of humans that could perform that backflip, it’s probably going to be a pretty low number and if this robot is already doing that at this stage in its development then imagine how tough and nimble they’re going to be a few years down the line i.e. how easy it’s going to be for them to overpower a human in a fight. I’m telling you, the warning signs are there.

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