This Story About Robin Williams And Christopher Reeve Sums Up Why People Love Him So Much

Christoper Reeve And Robin Williams

Pretty much perfect.

Following the news of Robin Williams’ tragic death earlier today, this story started doing the rounds on social media and it pretty much sums up perfectly why everyone loved him and is so sad to hear of his passing.

In short, he was always trying to cheer everyone up and make them laugh, and who can’t have anything but praise for a guy like that. This story really is special though and it’s concerning Christopher Reeve’s horrendous horse riding accident that left him paralysed:

When Christopher Reeve was in the hospital, awaiting a back surgery that had a fifty/fifty chance of killing him, a man burst into his room. He was wearing surgical scrubs, talking in a Russian accent, and said he was there to give a rectal exam. It was Robin Williams; the two men had been roommates together at Juilliard.

Later Reeve said of his life-long friend: ‘For the first time since the accident, I laughed. My old friend had helped me know that somehow I was going to be okay.

Touching. Here’s a history of Superman to try and cheer you up.


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