Watch A Guy Dress Up As Robert Lewandowski And Pick Up Chicks In America Again

Robert Lewandowski Get Numbers Again

He’s still got it.

Even though this guy has made this video a couple of times before, it doesn’t make it any less funny when he brings out another edition of it. Admittedly though it was worth doing it again now after Lewandowski’s recent five goals in nine minutes probably made him a bit more notorious worldwide.

The dude basically looks a little bit like Robert Lewandowski, so he’s bought a Bayern Munich shirt and walks around America wearing it, pretending to be Robert Lewandowski with a bad fake Polish accent and bullshitting girls into giving him their numbers. And what’s more is that it seems to work every single time – that’s the trick guys, just pretend to be a famous footballer (or basically just rich and successful) and the girls will just fall all over themselves to give you their numbers, even if they’ve got a boyfriend.

As a bonus on here you also get to see the real Robert Lewandowski’s reaction the the dude’s original videos, which he seems to enjoy immensely:

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Such a dumb video. My favourite part was definitely when he got busted by that one woman who recognised him from doing it before. He must be a local legend wherever he’s from.

He should definitely team up with this Daniel Sturridge impersonator who tried the same tactic and also achieved great results – imagine the two of them on the pull together, it would be absolute carnage.


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