Robert Dyas Have Just Released The Weirdest Christmas Advert Of All Time

Robert Dyas Christmas Advert

Why does your sexual orientation matter if you’re shopping at Robert Dyas?

Christmas adverts are a big thing these days and we’ve already seen some great ones in 2015 from companies like PornHub, but this Robert Dyas one is likely to go down in history as the most bizarre advert of all time.

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t), Robert Dyas is a home appliance store that has branches all over the country where you can pick up your standard homeware items. For some reason though, they’ve decided not to focus on what they’re actually selling in their Christmas advert and instead promote the fact that both gay and straight people work and shop at the store.

I don’t really know why this is an issue or why anyone would think that they needed to introduce their staff or customers by highlighting their sexuality, but clearly someone in Robert Dyas’ marketing department thought that it would be a good idea. In fact, a whole bunch of people probably thought that it would be a good idea which is almost as bizarre as the original concept.

Take a look at this and try and tell me it’s not of the most painfully awkward and downright weird things you’ve ever seen:

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I can’t actually believe that that actually got made. A friend of mine summed it up perfectly: ‘It’s like Alan Partridge directing the worst Apprentice task ad ever conceived.’ Preposterous.

I can’t even see this advert even fitting in back in the Golden Age Of Advertising and that’s real saying something, because some of the most un-PC stuff in the history of reality would get approved back then. Someone at Robert Dyas must have been tripping on acid or something.


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