PornHub Just Released Their Own Christmas Advert And It Might Be The Most Emotional One Yet

Get the tissues out (no pun intended).

PornHub have got properly into the holiday spirit by releasing their own Christmas advert to rival that of John Lewis and that heart-wrenching German one we posted the other day.

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Watch below:

Amazing. You’ve got to love how that grandpa’s frown turned upside down as soon as he realised he’d got a PornHub Premium membership for Christmas. I mean surely that’s all the hardcore GILF videos any one could ask for? Hopefully he’ll wait till Christmas Day is over though before he sneaks off to his PC to bash one out.

P.S. What the hell does a Premium PornHub account get you anyway? I didn’t realise there was any extra content you had to pay for? You have to be a legit psychopath to actually pay for porn in this day and age.

Anyway, for a guaranteed laugh check out these hilarious PornHub comments written out in spinning 3D.


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