Robbie Williams Once Pretended To Be Liam Gallagher So He Could Get A Shag In


Robbie Williams, 43, has revealed how he once stole Liam Gallagher’s name so that he could shag a journalist.

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The singer described the incident in his new biography, saying:

Did I ever tell you about the time that I booked into a hotel as Liam Gallagher?

I was up all night in Manchester and then got on the train the next day with all the journalists that were still awake, and pulled a journalist.

I think it was Later…with Jools Holland that he was supposed to be coming down for, and I knew that Liam wasn’t coming, and I knew that he had a hotel room free and I knew his pseudonym – Billy Shears.


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Robbie then said that Liam called him a “cheeky c**t:”

I don’t know if it was cheeky c**t good or cheeky c**t bad ⎯ I’m guessing bad.

But you know, I’d been up all night for more than twenty-four hours in the fumes of rock ‘n’ roll. In the dying embers of the night.

What seems a good idea off your rocker is not the best idea sober.

Well I guess he’s right – we’ve all been there with regards to acting desperately to get into bed with someone. However, when it comes to jacking Liam Gallagher’s pseudonym, it’s obvious Robbie Williams is the only one to have done that.

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