Robbie Williams Moulded His Penis Into A Ring And Gave It To A Friend

Robbie Williams

Classic Robbie.

Robbie Williams is well known as an extrovert and somewhat of a cheeky chappy, but his latest actions are kinda bizarre and outrageous even for him.

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The story goes that Robbie was on a night out with a close friend and the pair had a drunken disagreement about something and ended up properly falling out. Uh oh.

In order to sort this out, Robbie thought that the best way to apologise would be to get his dick moulded, shrink it down and then cast it in metal and turn it into a ring to give to his mate. Not sure how he came up with that plan but it seemed to totally work because his friend instantly forgave him and liked it so much that he also created his own penis ring for Robbie.

I’ll be honest, this sounds like the weirdest friendship ever when you’re literally gifting each other cock rings over a falling out, but I suppose if they’re happy and friends again who am I to judge? Here’s what another source said about the incident:

Robbie Williams

It’s a lot of effort to go through but it was well worth it for both sides.

Robbie is clearly body confident, especially in regards to what’s inside his trousers.

The gift is obviously a bit of a comedy present but it’s also a very personal touch.

Yeah, I suppose it is but surely this goes into the realms of way TOO personal? I guess Robbie and this other dude must be the best of friends to do something like that. Not sure if I’m jealous of their intimate friendship or slightly scared by it though to be honest because I don’t have any friends who I would want to give a ring of my dick to. Maybe I’m the one missing out?

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