This Robbie Lawler Tribute Proves Why He’s One Of The Best Fighters In The Game

Robbie Lawler


Here’s one for all the people that say we know fuck all about UFC and only post about Conor McGregor – yeah we still know fuck all about UFC but we also do know that Robbie Lawler is a sick as fuck fighter and this video tribute proves it.

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If you’re not one of those people that calls us out for only posting about Conor McGregor, maybe check out this video and see what a real fighter looks like. If McGregor made the move up to welterweight and challenged him for his title then I’m pretty sure Robbie would wipe the floor with him. Ruthless:

Absolute badass. I think my favourite part of the video was where he’s getting battered by that black dude and just smashes him with the haymaker. See ya. Or the one where he has hair and does a sweet three punch combo on that other dude to knock him out. Sorry I don’t know they guys’ names but like I said, I know fuck all about UFC. I do know that Robbie Lawler is an absolute killer though.

If you’re still not convinced after watching that video, then check out these photographs from his fight with Rory McDonald back at UFC 189. It’s been called one of the most brutal fights in history.


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